Telemarketing – Broadcast and Reception of Calls
Global Communication Center – Grupo ASTEL

Astel provides, through its Network of Centers, global commercial communication and telephone marketing services. Our goal is to bring contact center services closer to companies by combining the competitiveness of a global provider with the agility, flexibility and personalized service for your company that is tailored to your needs.

Our solution is based on the emission and reception of information, for which different communication channels related to technology are required.

At Astel, we know that the most important thing for you are your Customers, therefore, our services are carried out with total involvement, from a perspective consistent with the philosophy of your company and based on a principle of quality in customer service and continuous improvement. By means of highly qualified personnel and the most advanced technology.


Our team
People, the most important

At Astel we evaluate people based on the quality of their performance and the added value that is generated for the Client.

All Astel staff receive their own training on customer service and telephone marketing. Our training plan aims to facilitate the improvement of the efficiency of our staff.